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What to Expect

  • STEP 1



Print and fill out your New Patient Intake Form as completely as possible before you come in for your appointment. (You can save 20 minutes on your first visit by filling out these forms before you arrive).




  • STEP 2


When you come in for your appointment we will review your paperwork and validate your ID and medical insurance card (if applicable). We always perform a complimentary benefits check before you incur any charges in our office.



  • STEP 3


A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health issues and goals, uncover the layers of past damage/trauma, and help determine the cause of your health issues.



  • STEP 4


A comprehensive chiropractic evaluation will be performed using state-of-the-art neurological diagnostic technology as well as any necessary orthopedic tests, gait observation, and postural analysis.


Additionally, a short physical assessment will be performed utilizing both motion and static palpation to explore the alignment of your spine and other structures, as well as provide information on any stimuli that may cause pain or discomfort.


  • STEP 5


The doctor will advise you if additional

tests are needed including any

Chiropractic Postural X-rays.



  • STEP 6


A Report Of Findings is conducted in which the cause of your current condition will be discussed. After reviewing your case, the doctor will decide if you are a candidate for chiropractic care, at which time a thorough explanation of care, recommendations, and actions steps will be discussed.



  • STEP 7


Initiate care and start on the path to achieving your God-given health potential!




  Congratulations on taking the first steps to creating true health from within!





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