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Online Coaching 

Long Distance Coaching with Dr. Holly Waite

This will be done either by Skype or Phone based on your preference.

Starter Plan:


Normal $549              Subscriber fee: $499


This appointment will be with Dr. Holly Waite, and will cover a full review of health history, review of lab work, and review of any specific medical testing. The initial consultation is a 60 minute Skype or Phone consultation focused on your particular health problem(s). Dr. Waite go over proper diet specific to your health condition, lifestyle recommendations, detoxification strategies and more.

Dr. Waite will put together a full report of recommendations for you to follow. 

This also covers 2 follow-up 15 minute consultations to answer any questions, review lab work and trouble shoot any challenges. 

You also have unlimited email access to Dr. Waite until plans ends.

This plan lasts 3 months.

(Diagnostic Lab Testing Will be an Additional Cost)

Ongoing Coaching: 

15 Minute Skype or Phone                           $50

30 Minute Skype or Phone                           $100

60 Minute Skype or Phone                           $200

Full Year Coaching Plan

This plan is great for someone who wants to work diligently and thoroughly on their health with Dr. Waite over a year long period. Dr. Waite will dive into many aspects of health and pour a lot of time into helping you achieve your health goals. This also includes any reviews of lab work or medical testing at any time throughout the year as well as troubleshooting health challenges and ongoing support calls. 

This plan includes the following:

3 (60 Minute) Skype Consultations

9 (30 Minute) Skype Consultations

This package allows for unlimited access to Dr. Waite via e-mail

until plan ends. 

Normal:    $2,499                 Subscriber fee: $2,199    

Health Maintenance Plan

This plan is great for someone who is a very healthy individual that wants Dr. Waite as a health coach and support throughout the year. 

12 (30 Minute) consultations & review time spread out throughout the year. This is typically a 30 minute session every month, but this can change if any issues arise. 

This plan also includes unlimited access via e-mail to Dr. Holly Waite for any questions, concerns, advice etc until plan ends.



Normal:    $1,200                 Subscriber fee: $1,000   

Are you committed to your health? Dr. Holly Waite has worked with many families and has helped couples conquer their issues with infertility, miscarriages, and issues before, during, and after pregnancy. Dr. Holly Waite knows that the body is able to heal itself! There is something in the way that is not allowing the body to function at 100%. In this package, Dr. Holly Waite will help you get to the root cause of your health problems and help you achieve your health goals. 

What's the next step? 

The next step is to contact Dr. Holly Waite and let her know what plan you chose. There is a contact form below for you to fill out, and Dr. Holly Waite or a team member will be in contact with you shortly after to schedule your consultation.

The following 6 health topics are specialized packages. Dr. Holly Waite specializes in family wellness and helps families with all health related issues ranging from infertility, miscarriages, developmental issues in infants/toddlers.

Dr. Holly Waite also helps individuals with all health conditions such as: fibromyalgia, thyroid Issues, M.S., auto-immune issues,and more. 

Specialized Health Packages

If you choose one of these packages, please let us know in the message below.

Contact Dr. Holly Waite directly to schedule your consultation or to ask any questions that you may have. 

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