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Meet Our Team

Dr. Holly Waite

Dr. Holly is forever grateful for how chiropractic care has dramatically changed her life! She has been under corrective chiropractic care since 2004 after seeking help for severe menstrual issues. While under care, her menstrual issues completely resolved! Furthermore, she also noticed her body began to become stronger, and she could actually feel her body heal. Her lungs healed, and she no longer needed her asthma medication as her asthma and allergies resolved that she had suffered from since age two! In addition, Dr. Holly experienced great relief from hip pain that she had suffered for years from being a runner. More importantly, Dr. Holly's spine returned to normal structure as her scoliosis normalized while under corrective chiropractic care, and now all of her cells, tissues, and organs function optimally bringing 100% life to her body.


Dr. Holly was so thankful for the gift of chiropractic that she knew she had to give that gift back to others! This is why she is so passionate to share with others what is possible for them! She attended Life University in Marietta, GA to earn her Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Holly has a desire to see babies have optimal health right from the womb as well as strong, healthy families! This is why she has obtained advanced certification through and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She is also certified in Webster Technique. In addition, Dr. Holly has obtained Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique. She looks forward to being committed to your health with you! 

Sebastian Waite

Sebastian loves sharing his story of how gentle and specific chiropractic care has changed his life. Through the years, Sebastian suffered from severe digestive issues, brain fog, insomnia, and back pain. Since a young age, Sebastian had developed a severe scoliosis of the spine. Sebastian never knew about the scoliosis until he had x-rays taken at his first chiropractic visit ever at the age of 19. No doctor had ever explained to Sebastian that his scoliotic curves caused severe stress on his nerves. Sebastian learned that the strain on his nerves, caused by his scoliosis, was the root cause of many of the symptoms he was suffering from at the time.  

After 2 years of specific, corrective chiropractic care, Sebastian no longer suffered from the severe digestive issues that he experienced for many years. The brain fog that Sebastian lived with for a long time was completely gone after only a few adjustments; Sebastian never felt such clarity of the mind. Also, his insomnia was resolved through consistent chiropractic care. In addition, not only was his back pain reduced, Sebastian's scoliotic curve in his mid-back region dramatically decreased. After all of Sebastian's breakthroughs in his health, he continues to be under specific, chiropractic care to further obtain maximum health. Today, Sebastian partners with his wife, Dr. Holly, to revolutionize health care. He believes that the body can heal itself as long as there is no interference.  

Baby Luca

Baby Luca is one of the BEST gifts Dr. Holly & Sebastian have ever received!  He is the sweetest, smartest, & healthiest little baby boy there is!  Dr. Holly & Sebastian are biased, but they contribute him to being so advanced because mama (Dr. Holly) was adjusted all throughout her pregnancy to maintain optimal nerve flow to the baby as well as optimal room for the baby in utero.  In addition, Baby Luca was born at a beautiful home birth and was loved on and held by mama and daddy during birth and immediately after.  His nervous system was checked and he was adjusted just minutes after being born!  Mama continues to check his nervous system every week!  Baby Luca loves chiropractic and is so excited to see you in the office!

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