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Hey everyone!

We have some exciting news!

This has been a long time coming, and we are beyond excited to announce that we launched our SUPPLEMENT SHOP! We've been working hard to try to hand pick the highest quallity SET APART HEALTH APPROVED supplements, organic teas & more! WE DID IT! After long hours of gathering many high quality supplements and other products to make it convenient for you guys to get what you need for your protocols! After we do labwork on patients, we typically will make supplement & nutritiona recommendations. Before our store, many people have had to go all over the web on multiple sites to search for supplements and pay shipping over and over. Well......those days are gone! You can shop brands like: Dr. Mercola, Thorne Research, Dr. Axe Ancient Nutrition, Amazing grass, Nordic naturals, Celtic sea salt, Gaia, Herb Pharm, Banyan Botanicals, Sunwarrior, Himalaya USA, Organic India, W.S. Badger, Simple Botanics, Pukka Herbs Inc, Nature's All, and Choice Organic Tea! We will be adding more products in the near future!!

There is NO minimum order, AND if you order over $49 your order will qualify FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS!

Plus, for first time users we will be offering a 10% off your ENTIRE ORDER! This coupon will be valid for ONE MONTH & it can be re-used! You heard that right! You can get 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER OVER AND OVER FOR A MONTH! You won't find that anywhere else!

There is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have partnered with Wellevate to provide you with the best FAST shipping & customer service with a live chat feauture that you can use at your convenience! Do not hesitate to use that feauture to ask ANY questions! We can actually type up our patient protocols and share the dosages and recommended supplements. You can chat with either me (Sebastian) or Dr. Holly via the website. AND we even have a SUPER user friendly app that you can download for free! You can also set your supplements on auto ship if you know you need them and we even offer AUTO SHIP DISCOUNTS! There are prices and discounts that you will only find here at the Set Apart Health SHOP. This benefit given to all of our patients. Also, patients may refer family and friends to this program! Here's how it works:

STEP 1: VISIT & click on the SHOP ICON or CLICK HERE (a new window will open)

STEP 2: Click CREATE AN ACCOUNT START THE ACCOUNT SET UP (E-Mail, Password, First & Last Name)

Step 3: Now you can access the store! If you are a patient, you can see your nutritionall/lab protocols as well as your supplement recommendations here! If you wish to SHOP, click SHOP DISPENSARY!

Step 4: Search for products and SHOP! You can buy them once or automate your shipments. If you ever have any questions, click the CHAT button on the lower left and someone will be with you very quickly!

You can search for any product you're looking for. There is an area where you can fillter your results. If you wish to see more supplements, click the white box to the right of "FILTER YOUR RESULTS" and you'll have more space for viewing your supplements.

You can simply click the cart icon to add supplements to your cart. It will ask you if you would like to have the product of auto ship. If so, you can click your option. Otherwise, just cancel out. At check out, you will also have the option to select auto ship! :)

This was a massive undertaking for us, but we are so glad and honored that we can provide this service for you guys and help you get what you need at an affordable cost! For the first MONTH, we will be allowing ALL orders with a 10% OFF discount for the ENTIRE ORDER!

Click HERE to sign up for your account! Once you're signed in, the 10% off coupon will be added to your account. You will see the pricing reflected at checkout.

Here is the list again of ALL of the brands we have available in our shop as of now. Feel free to comment and request certain supplements and brands and we will see what we can do to continually grow our shop!

Dr. Mercola

Thorne Research

Dr. Axe, Ancient Nutrition

Amazing grass

Nordic naturals

Celtic sea salt


Herb Pharm

Banyan Botanicals


Himalaya USA

Organic India

W.S. Badger

Simple Botanics

Pukka Herbs Inc

Nature's All

Choice Organic Tea

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