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Perfect KETO Hot Chocolate

Perfect KETO Hot Chocolate! This is the PERFECT recipe for delicious & rich hot chocolate that you can enjoy with your family around Christmas or all year round!! And even better, it's healthy AND KETO!!! It will be a family favorite & tradition for years to come!!


3 Tbsp of Dry Keto Hot Chocolate Mix (Click HERE for the RECIPE)

1/8 Tsp Vanilla Extract (Get it HERE)

8 oz. water, raw milk, almond milk, or other milk alternative

Heat water or milk/milk alternative on medium heat. Add 3 Tbsp (or more or less depending on desired richness) along with vanilla extract. Mix until heated. Optional: froth with a milk frother (Get it HERE) for extra foaminess! Serve in a mug and ENJOY!! Makes one individual serving. For more servings, multiply recipe.

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