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Newborn & Postpartum Essentials

Here is a list of all the ESSENTIALS you will need for mama & baby during the early months!

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1. Prenatals: so important for mom to keep taking these to replenish her body and make sure she is not nutrient deficient during breastfeeding. Find it HERE!

2. Wraps & Carriers: These are AMAZING during baby's first few weeks of life...well, really years! We LOVE ours and use it all throughout the day! We really loved the Organic Moby Wrap (Non organic Moby Wrap) during our baby's first 6-8 months and the Organic Ergo Carrier (Non organic Ergo Carrier) when he got bigger or for longer periods of time. If you use the Ergo Carrier for a newborn, you will need THIS NEWBORN INSERT. Also, make sure you don't use a forward-facing carrier because these are not ergonomically correct for a baby's spine and pelvis.

3. Digestive Issues: Your baby's digestive system is forming and developing in the first weeks to first month of life. Here are some natural remedies that will help alleviate tummy issues in a HUGE way. You'll want to avoid gripe water because it contains a lot of sugar and chemicals and sometimes even dyes...this will just make digestive issues worse.

-Catnip & Fennel Herbs (this is a concentrate so you just need a small amount, so there's quite a bit in the bottle)

-PROBIOTICS to develop proper gut flora (we just give a pinky full to our baby)

4. For the bottom area:

-For Baby for diaper rash or other issues

-For Mama for healing after birth or bottom spray

5. Breastfeeding:

-Natural Nipple Butter (this was one of my favorites!! It helped SO much!)

-Organic Nursing Pads (I love these!!)

-Nursing pillow and cover (I like the organic cover since the baby will be on this A LOT!)

-I LOVE this Nursing Cover because it is larger and a lighter material!

6. Other things to help heal:

-This body butter helps heal the skin on the tummy of mama from having a baby

-Raspberry Leaf Tea is great for helping the uterus to contract back to it's original size

7. Teething:

-Certified Amber Teething Necklace

-Teethers: Honest Company Butterfly and Silicone Stacking Rings

8. Misc.

-Organic Swaddle Blankets

-Natural Rubber Pacifier

Now you're all set with the best, most-natural, and most-essential items for mom and baby during the most critical months!! Enjoy! :)

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