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Newborn & Postpartum Essentials

Here is a list of all the ESSENTIALS you will need for mama & baby during the early months!

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1. Prenatals: so important for mom to keep taking these to replenish her body and make sure she is not nutrient deficient during breastfeeding. Find it HERE!

3. Digestive Issues: Your baby's digestive system is forming and developing in the first weeks to first month of life. Here are some natural remedies that will help alleviate tummy issues in a HUGE way. You'll want to avoid gripe water because it contains a lot of sugar and chemicals and sometimes even dyes...this will just make digestive issues worse.

-Catnip & Fennel Herbs (this is a concentrate so you just need a small amount, so there's quite a bit in the bottle)

-PROBIOTICS to develop proper gut flora (we just give a pinky full to our baby)

4. For the bottom area:

5. Breastfeeding:

-Natural Nipple Butter (this was one of my favorites!! It helped SO much!)

-Organic Nursing Pads (I love these!!)

-I LOVE this Nursing Cover because it is larger and a lighter material!

6. Other things to help heal:

-This body butter helps heal the skin on the tummy of mama from having a baby

-Raspberry Leaf Tea is great for helping the uterus to contract back to it's original size

7. Teething:

8. Misc.

Now you're all set with the best, most-natural, and most-essential items for mom and baby during the most critical months!! Enjoy! :)

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