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Beat the Flu Naturally!

Let’s face it! Who wants to be sick (especially with the flu!)?!...It slows us down, is a major inconvenience, makes life super hard if you have little ones, decreases productivity, it’s definitely not fun, and on and on. Am I right?!

So that’s why I’m going to give you some of my best tips today! To beat the flu naturally! So you will never have to be sick again!...or at least not very often and recover quickly if you do! :)

What is the MAIN REASON we get sick? No, it’s not that the weather changes temperature or that everyone else is’s that our immune system isn’t strong enough to beat whatever is around us!! Did you know that?! If you take ANYTHING away from these tips...take that key with you! It’s because our immune system isn’t strong enough!

If you don’t already know, my husband and I love to garden! I mean, LOVE to!! One reason is that it has so many parallels with life! One major parallel is with our bodies and plants! Do you know the reason plants get disease or bitten up with bugs? It’s not because there is disease all around the garden or too many bugs. What?! Yes, it’s true! It’s because the soil is depleted of vital minerals and nutrients! When the soil is abundant and balanced in these nutrients, the plant will thrive and disease and pests are not even a threat! The SAME is TRUE for our bodies!!! OUR soil (body) is depleted! How amazing is that?!

So, now let’s learn how we can strengthen our immune systems!

5 Immune System Boosting & Strengthening Key Tips:

1. Get your NERVOUS SYSTEM checked and cleared of subluxation by a neurologically-based chiropractor. As many of you already know, your nervous system CONTROLS EVERYTHING in your you guessed it! Your NERVOUS SYSTEM definitely CONTROLS your IMMUNE SYSTEM! So, what better way to strengthen your immune system than go straight to the control panel! Getting your body free of nerve interference (subluxation) is the BEST way to keep your body free of disease & sickness!

Learn more on how chiropractic works here:

2. Homemade Bone Broth: I’m sure many of you are starting to hear the “buzz word” bone broth! Well, this one is legit! Our ancestors used to survive because of this stuff! It should be the base of our diets because it is so full of healing nutrients plus it contains natural gelatin that heals pretty much every system in our body!! This stuff if liquid gold and should be consumed daily, but especially, when we are coming down with the flu!! Learn more here:

3. Cod liver oil (preferably fermented): Cod liver oil contains so many beneficial elements, especially Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D and A(that are easily absorbed). Vitamin D alone can beat off the flu! Plus, Vitamin A gets used up when we have a fever, so this is a crucial way to replenish our bodies with Vitamin A! Find it HERE!

4. Vitamin D: Like I mentioned above, Vitamin D can literally decrease your chance of even getting the flu! This Vitamin should be one of the top of our list in concern with our health because our Vitamin D serum (blood) levels ultimately dictate whether our body is healthy or not. This is a great article explaining this: Find Vitamin D3 here for ADULTS, KIDS, or BABIES.

5. Probiotics (and a lot of fermented foods): Did you know that 70% of our immune system is in our gut? So, I would say our gut health is REALLY important then, right?! One of the BEST ways to create a healthy microbiome and our gut health is to increase our healthy bacteria through probiotics, probiotic-rich foods/fermented foods, and eliminate antibiotic medications. This will then create a super strong immune system! This is our family's favorite PROBIOTIC!

Well, there you go! Those are my top 5 Key Tips to strengthen the Immune System that will, not only help you heal from the flu but, most likely, prevent it in the first place!! Which is really what we all want, right! Below, are some other natural remedies that will really help the body heal from the flu or prevent it:

-Raw garlic (helps the body heal, strengthens the immune system)

-Echinacea and goldenseal (strengthens the immune system)

-A lot of filtered water/coconut water (replenishes electrolytes)

-Yarrow root (helpful with fever and helps the endocrine system)

-Marshmallow root (helps with dry cough and irritated mucous membranes/throat/sinuses/digestive tract)

-Elderberry Syrup (natural expectorant & supports the immune system)

-Zinc and Vitamin C

-Eucalyptus essential oil (great for congestion and respiratory system)

-Ginger (helps sinus and congestion)

-Apple Cider Vinegar (soothes throat and strengthens immune system)

Now, let’s go strengthen our immune systems and have the healthiest families out there...even if the weather is changing temperature or everybody else’s kids are sick ;)

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