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Bulletproof® Coffee Frappuccino®

Is Coffee Healthy? (Make sure you read this before you make the recipe :)

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Do you feel like you can't make it a day without your fix? Then this recipe if for you! :)

I'm not here to tell you about how bad coffee is for your health. Many people wonder if coffee is healthy for you or not, so I'm here to FINALLY clarify and demystify for good whether coffee is healthy or not! :)

The answer is: YES! and NO! :) Confusing, right?

The reason why coffee is healthy is because it is SUPER rich in anti-oxidants. It helps reduce inflammation in the body, which is the root cause of many health issues (besides NERVE INTERFERENCE!). It actually helps with cardiovascular health because of it's anti-inflammatory properties! It's also a good brain food! The caffeine in coffee actually stimulates the brain and improves memory! Coffee is also good for the liver because it helps detoxify the liver. This is why many people in ancient years and now do coffee enemas. But we won't go there right now! We're talking about food here! Not enemas :)

What about the Caffeine? Is Caffeine the Bad Guy?

Those are just to name but a FEW health benefits of coffee. NOW! One of the biggest questions people wonder about is the CAFFEINE in coffee. What about the caffeine? Isn't coffee bad for you because of the caffeine?

To quote Dr. Josh Axe,

In animal studies, mice given caffeine in their drinking water from young adulthood into older age showed protection against memory impairment and lower brain levels of the abnormal protein (amyloid-beta or Abeta) thought to be central to Alzheimer’s development. “Aged” cognitively impaired mice exhibited memory restoration and lower brain Abeta levels following only one to two months of caffeine treatment.Researchers believe the cognitive benefits of caffeine administration is due to caffeine itself, and not metabolites of caffeine, so this means “decaffeinated” coffee isn’t as beneficial. Caffeine appears to provide its brain disease-modifying effects through multiple mechanisms, including a direct reduction of Abeta production, which is thought to happen through changes in brain activity (suppression of both beta- and gamma-secretase levels). Coffee’s antioxidants also lower inflammation, oxidative stress and might increase physical activity in some people, which are also important for ongoing brain health. 1

Caffeine does have its upside! Caffeine can also have a dark side! There are some cons that we should consider about coffee and caffeine.

The Dark Side of Coffee

So, I lied when I told you that i'm not here to tell you how bad coffee is. But it will all be worth it when you are done reading all of this! :) You'll see why!

Ok! Now, i'm going to share with you the dark side of coffee and caffeine.

One of the biggest reasons why coffee in NOT healthy is because of the caffeine. What? But I just said that it IS healthy because of the caffeine. Caffeine can be VERY addictive. It is a stimulant, and this is why it can help with brain function. But too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing. We should not need a substance to depend on in order to function. We don't NEED coffee in order to function as human beings. Also, if you are someone who has autoimmune, thyroid, or adrenal issues, coffee can actually be taxing to the body and drain your adrenal glands as well as thyroid gland. We recommend for you to avoid coffee if you have these types of issues.

Another reason why coffee is NOT healthy is because coffee is VERY acidic. We know from science that disease breeds in an acidic environment. When we consume too much coffee, it changes out PH in out guts and this allows for disease to further replicate.

Yet another reason why coffee is NOT healthy is because it is HEAVILY sprayed if it is NOT ORGANIC! By brewing pesticide-laden coffee, you are actually concentrating the sprays and consuming them. This causes severe damage to the bacteria in your gut as well as increasing your toxic load.

So Is It Healthy or Not?

The bottom line is that coffee can be healthy if done right. The natural benefits of coffee are AMAZING! If you overdo it, it won't be healthy!

To avoid the acidity issue, we partner the coffee with something that is alkaline to help balance the PH: grass-fed butter. The butter provides good fats as well as CLA (Conjulated Linoleic Acid). The butter also balances the PH of the coffee. WIN WIN! You can also add coconut oil, coconut butter, or ghee, etc to add healthy fats. You can also buy SWISS-WATER DECAFFEINATED coffee which is a very natural process that helps remove some of the caffeine. Also, MAKE SURE TO ONLY BUY ORGANIC!

Coffee is healthy if done right, but don't get crazy! :)

So here is an amazing recipe that we put together to help boost memory, digestive function, energy levels, productivity, as well as to burn fat. It is full of good fats, good clean protein, and you get the benefits of the coffee without worrying about the cons of coffee.

Bulletproof® Coffee Frappuccino®

1 C Organic Swiss-water Decaf coffee (can be regular), chilled

2 Frozen organic bananas (that were ripe or very ripe)

1 heaping Tbsp organic cashew butter (or other nut butter)

2-3 Tbsp organic coconut butter

¾ of a scoop of Vanilla 100% Grass-fed protein powder

2 TBSP Melted Grass-fed butter

1 TBSP Organic maple syrup

¼ C ice


1 small scoop of high-quality collagen powder for extra health benefits

Place all ingredients (except protein powder and collagen) in a blender and blend until smooth and blended. Then, add protein powder and collagen and blend again. Smoothie should be thick and creamy! Serve with a spoon and or straw and enjoy!! :)

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