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"I always told my husband that I never loved chiropractic care more than

when I was pregnant!!"

-Dr. Waite

If you are pregnant, why you should be checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic …

1. Ouch! Pregnancy can cause a lot of pain and discomfort…

if things aren’t in the proper alignment that is. A lot of women experience some sort of pain during pregnancy whether it’s low back pain, sciatic pain, pelvic pain, etc. These are warning signs to the pregnant mama that her body structure is out of alignment and with the extra stress of a baby on the body, her body lets her know! So, if nothing else, get yourself out of pain!

2. There’s a lot changing in your body!

To accommodate for a growing baby, your body is compensating.

Your center of gravity is changing, you’re gaining extra weight and a BUMP, the hormone, relaxin, is causing everything to become more lax in your body, and much more! This is a lot going on! So, that’s why it is so crucial to be checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic to be able to deal with this extra stress!

3. The importance of proper nerve supply to your baby. And YOU!

Did you know that your nervous system controls every function in your body? That’s why chiropractic is neurologically based. That’s also why it’s so important to make sure that yours is functioning properly…so that every organ and tissue has its full power supply. ALSO, the Nervous System is the VERY FIRST system to develop in an embryo! This just shows how important it is! It literally controls every function in the body!! So, you want to make sure you’re fully supplying that little life in you with enough nerve supply!

4. Get yourself and your baby ready for birth!

Your baby’s position is crucial for your ideal birth! Did you know that this depends on your body’s alignment? And the amount of room a baby has in utero? That is exactly what a Doctor of Chiropractor focuses on during your pregnancy. When your hips are level and your tail bone and hip bones are not in the way of the baby, it allows for your baby to be birthed without getting stuck. Also, when your baby is breech (in the incorrect position), it is more difficult for the baby to be birthed without complications. There are different breech positions, with transverse (sideways or horizontal baby position) being the most difficult or worst. So, a Doctor of Chiropractic will be working to create the optimal positon for the baby. This also eliminates inter-utero constraint and ensures that the baby has enough room in utero. Among other things, this helps the baby’s brain and physical development! I would say that’s extremely important, right?!

And one of the best parts, chiropractic care decrease labor and delivery time by 60%, and it decreases the need for pain medication during labor!

SO, there you have it!

That’s the importance of a properly functioning nervous system!

Have you had yours checked??

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