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Hey EVERYONE! Sebastian and I have been preparing for the Ladies' Tea like CRAZY! We actually went to Home Goods today and found a whole bunch of cute tea pots! Oh I was in tea pot heaven! Something about the idea of having a whole bunch of different and eclectic tea pots just makes me happy! It's going to be so fun to share these with all of you ladies that are coming to the Ladies' Tea!

Speaking of the Ladies' Tea...we have GREAT news! We decided to extend the RSVP date because we've had so many people asking if they can still come! So yes! We welcome all! The RSVP date is extended until the FRIDAY, May13th! Yes! That's right! The day before the Ladies' Tea! Make sure you RSVP and bring a friend!

P.S. I'm pretty excited to showcase our fun tea sets that we got! :)

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