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How to Make DIY Baby Wipes

Oh baby wipes! Let's talk cost. Disposable baby wipes are a convenient way to clean up any baby mess on the GO! Lots of us moms are busy either working, taking care of other babies, and simply just balancing life. We all know life can get difficult, so when it comes to baby wipes and cleaning messes, convenience is of top priority! But there is one problem with convenience: cost! Baby wipes can get EXPENSIVE! I mean, how many wipes do moms go through on a regular basis? You moms out there? What do you think? OK! So let's set the cost aside. What about the terrible chemicals used such as: parabens, phthalates (fragrances), PEG's, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, and these are just a few! These chemicals are known carcinogenic chemicals that are harmful to our babies, so why are we putting these chemicals in our babies delicate areas? Is convenience really that important when it is harming our baby? I know that there are a couple of companies out there that are healthier options, but they can run a pretty penny, so why not just make your own! With this recipe, you can either make them disposable (using paper towel) or reusable! We usually do reusable because the we prefer how they clean as well as the cost is so low! :) WIN WIN for us.

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

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