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3 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All of The Time


Ok! So it is really late right now! I find that sometimes the only time that I get to be able to get anything done is around midnight. My son is asleep at this time, and I can just focus on my task at hand. Yes, I admit! I am a bit of a work-aholic, but when you own your own business, work just never stops. So what does this have to do with the video? Well! I forgot to mention the 4th reason why you (and myself as well) feel tired ALL THE TIME! The answer to that is HAVING A BABY! Those little people can really be demanding of your time! I do miss being able to just focus on my work and be able to feel like I can start something, and I can finish something without any interruptions of having to clean up some spit up...or having to bounce the baby around and try 33 different positions to entertain baby from "losing it". But! I must admit.....I love being a dad. I wouldn't change where I am at for the world. I love my boy, and seeing him being able to discover the world makes me forget about why I am so tired. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and I pray that is is helpful to you! I know that some things we can't control like......a baby not allowing you to sleep or a baby not letting you get work done, so you feel like midnight is work time (and you secretly like it), but there ARE some things that YOU can control such as getting your nervous system checked! Improving your gut health via eating the right foods! And drinking more WATER! That one is an easy one....

NOW! I am finally going to bed....Get some rest every one.

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