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Wheat Grass Lemonade

It's that time now where people start thinking about detoxifying their bodies! Here's the pattern we see every year. Usually during the holidays people will increase their sugar intake. For example, Halloween comes around and all the sudden we are eating a little bit of candy here and there. Not too much, but you know just enough to call it a "treat". Next thing you know, it is Thanksgiving and we have family over and we have to celebrate!! :) So we are eating some more sugar in form of desserts and processed foods. Now Christmas comes get the idea. It's vacation time for many people. You get to see family members that you like or maybe not like so much. When we bombard our bodies with SO much "treats" and sugar, it makes our immune system take a plunge! Your immune system starts getting weaker, and you might catch a cold or feel a bit under the weather. Does this sound familiar? It happens year after year, and we blame it all on the weather and the flu season.

The weather does play a bit of a role, but ultimately, the reason why so many people get sick is because their immune system cannot adapt to the environment. I'm not saying you can't have treats or you have to eat wheat grass instead of a pumpkin pie. The point i'm trying to drive across is that we can't abuse our bodies. Especially all at once (like during the holidays). Our bodies are our temples, and we are to protect them. We need to "invest" in our bodies and treat them well. Why? Because if we don't have our faith and our health, we don't have anything! If you don't have your health, then how are you going to be able to live long enough to be able to play with your grandchildren? Or retiring one day and traveling the world? Many people spend their lives going from doctor to doctor and living to pay the bills as well as the medical bills! That is not a way to live! SO! That was my schpeal and lecture for the day, but the reason why we wanted to post this recipe is because it is so simple to make! Anyone can do it! But it is one effective way to gently detoxify your body. There are many ways to detox, and we won't go into those details. Just know that this recipe is LOADED with good stuff!

So here's the recipe!

Wheatgrass Lemonade

Juice of 4 Organic Lemons (or 3 lemons & 1 lime)

Dash of sea salt

2-3 drops of DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil

1-2 drops of DoTerra Orange Essential Oil

½ Tsp Navitas Wheatgrass powder

5-7 dropperfuls of Sweet Leaf liquid stevia

Half a pitcher of ice

Pitcher full of cold filtered water

Whisk all ingredients (except water and ice) till wheatgrass is mixed in then add water and ice. Serve & enjoy this detoxing & cleansing drink all day long! :)

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